Charter and Accreditation

Accreditation Information

Agape Bible College is accredited with World-Wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions (WWAC).

Concerning Accreditation:

Schools are not legally required to become accredited, but it is a very desirable standing. To accredit means to endorse, authorize, and officially approve of. It is a process by which schools voluntarily agree to participate in a set of established standards in order to encourage quality education. Accredited status means a school has voluntarily undergone a comprehensive examination to determine that it operates at a worthy level of performance.

Secular and Christian Educational Differences:

Mark 12:17          And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. And they marveled at him.

What you need to know about accreditation. Secular education and religious education differ in many ways. While secular schools provide an education through secular educational standards, a bible school receives it’s accreditation from Christian institutions having its own standards.

Because biblically based schools offer no secular degrees, a bible college needs no secular accreditation. The difference lies in the fact that a secular accreditation association is recognized by governmental agencies. That is why some states recognize some degrees while others may not.

Christian based accrediting associations are recognized by the church and the Church Body which receives its authority from Heaven. Since secular and Christian interests are different, therefore they have separate realms of jurisdiction. Since a state is not superior to the Church there is no need for recognition from the secular world.

Bible based schools do not need to be acknowledged by secular accrediting associations of the federal government due to separation of church and state.

We hold our self accountable to God, the Church and by the laws of the land as well as our accreditation agency, World-Wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions(WWAC).


Agape Bible College is in partnership and has licensing with Greater Than Gold, Inc. regarding the courses that are offered for the Associates Degree In Biblical Studies.

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The required fees cover the copyright agreement/licensing that Agape Bible College has with Greater Than Gold, Inc.

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